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Learn about science and world cultures while cooking in your own home.

The Kitchen Kraft Lab classes are taught by Simmrin Chakravarty, food scientist, mom, and innovative chef.  Simmrin has more than 20 years of experience teaching cooking lessons and has always been especially interested in the science involved in cooking.

As a teenager and young adult she focused her passion to excel at food science at college, honing her technique and expanding her palette in the lab as well as her parents’ kitchen. Soon, she began to cook for her friends and larger community. Simmrin has always loved the creativity and excitement of making traditional as well as innovative recipes but mostly she loves how food and the making of it brings people of all ages together, in community.

A few highlights of Simmrin's career in the culinary arts:

  • As a rising chef and lead food scientist in Bombay (Mumbai), she created new ice cream flavors for America’s iconic, old-fashioned ice cream purveyor, Baskin Robbins, India.  

  • As a new immigrant in Queens and then later in the Hudson Valley, she started a home-catering business and then grew it to include community-based cooking classes for local residents curious about global cuisine, while she taught at her neighborhood Montessori School.  

  • As a personal chef and caterer, she delights a loyal client list that includes the Prime Minister of India, for whom in 2016 she created a dizzying array of Indian desserts for his marquis banquet at the Waldorf, in New York City.

Simmrin’s culinary vision is rooted in the myriad multicultural and multiethnic influences of her childhood, her family, and her adult experience as an immigrant. She believes that cooking is a way to learn about the world, people, and the food they love. Kitchen Kraft Lab is a welcoming space for anyone interested in the same. 

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