Thukpa: Himalayan Chicken Soup for the Soul

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

This Himalayan version of chicken noodle soup warms my spirit and evokes memories of the first time I tried it. I was 10 years old on holiday in the Northeast mountainous region of Darjeeling. Known for its vast tea estates and population of Tibetan settlers, this town has a small main street dotted with tiny soup shops run by Tibetan women serving Thukpa (noodle soup). Though every soup shop had practically the same menu, the flavors of Thukpa vary as each made their own family recipe. The base is always chicken or mutton broth, but the flavor differs from cook to cook, adding or subtracting a little bit of this or that, resulting in different Thukpa tastes and experiences.

I have maintained the authenticity of this recipe while developing a Vegetarian, Vegan & Gluten Free avatar too! This Thukpa is the elixir you need especially during the freezing cold winter evenings.

Bring your bestie, family or a group of friends and join us at the next available schedule, We are looking forward to cooking with you soon!

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